Infant Program: - Sensory Learning & Trust Building
  • Infant tummy play for muscle coordination
  • Visual stimulation through color/shapes/music
  • One-on-one interaction with caregivers
  • Outdoor infant play area

    Preschool Program: - Language Arts
  • Language development program equips your children with the critical language and literacy skills needed to build the foundation for success in reading and writing. The program focuses on oral language, phonics and letter recognition.

    Other areas of focus include:
  • Math development with hands on manipulatives that encourage counting, grouping, sorting and measuring
  • Practical Life Skills
  • Creative play where children can explore their creativity through art projects and woodworking
  • Dramatic play/family living for role playing and imaginary fun
  • Science/Nature for exploring plants and animals

    Fitness & Nutrition Program: - Movin’ & A’Grovin Program
  • Focuses on balance, agility and endurance through fun dance and exercise.

    Healthy Kids Program:
  • Designed by a licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, the program is specifically for preschool and school-aged children to focus on helping children to make healthy food choices. Children will participate in making healthy snacks, identifying food groups and will learn the importance of good nutrition.